Malaysia day 1: my first flight out of Europe

Today is the day, I’m finally leaving for Malaysia! It’s my first time traveling outside of Europe and my first time traveling solo. Sometimes I think to myself, Kyra, what have you gotten yourself into?, but then I think about how amazing the trip is going to be and how it’s all going to be worth it. Want to know what the first day was like? Keep on reading!
When I say ‘it’s all going to be worth it’ I mostly mean the long flights because let me tell you, I spent the entire first day (and part of the second day) of my holiday at the airport and in the plane. I would not call that particularly fun. The first flight took 7.20 hours, then I had a 3.10 hour stopover in Doha and then another flight that took 7.45 hours. During this time I barely slept because I just can’t fall asleep in any position that is different from laying flat on a bed. Am I the only one? Please don’t tell me that!- I was taken very well care of though by the airplane crew. I flew with Qatar airways, I think they are known for their good service.
So for anyone that’s never been on a long flight -Like me a week ago- and wants to know what it’s like, I’ll give you a quick summary. So the seats are basic, but there’s pillows, blankets, earplugs, sleepingmasks and a screen on which you can watch a great variaty of quality movies. You don’t want to disturb your neighbour though by doing so, so the crew has provided you with headphones as well. There’s also the possibility of listening to music via the screen, watching documentaries and you can check how long it will take for the plane to arrive at it’s destination. Some planes also have USB plugins so you can charge your phone. You will be given tiny refreshing towels when everyone is seated and during the flight the crew will serve you meals and drinks. I got two meals each flight. If you’re on a special diet, Qatar airways offers you the opportunity to select a preferred meal through their site. You can also select where you would like to sit.

So I actually was able to sit in the window seat for 3 of my 4 flights. which is the seat I prefer. The very first flight a really nice young man was seated next to me. He was from Kuweit. We had some great conversations about the differences in our cultures and about faith. He was so kind he even showed me where to go for my transfer since I told him I had never been on a flight with a stopover before. I’m pretty sure that if I had not been traveling on my own, I probably would not have had any kind of converstation with him. Now, I actually made a friend within the first few hours of my journey, that’s honestly the best part about solo traveling: being open to meeting new people.
So eventually we arrived in Doha, which is in Qatar. It’s actually an enormous, luxe, five star airport. It’s huge, there is black marble everywhere, everything is shiny, shops like burberry and gucci everywhere and there’s a lot of places you can get food. For example: burger king, fancy restaurants and a smoothie bar. If you’ve got a lot of money to spend, you could be walking around and shopping here for hours. There’s even a hotel with a spa, áfter security. Since I did not have a lot of money to spend, I just walked around for a bit, got some tea and sat down to write in my travel diary. Just waiting to board my next flight.
Best part about today: making a new friend.

– Life was meant for good friends and great adventures –

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I love traveling the world, one country and one city at a time. I've already seen a lot and I am so lucky to have, but I've also got more planned! I'm sharing all of my adventures with you of course! xox

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