Malaysia day 6: national museum & going back home

This is already my final day in Malaysia. Time has gome by so fast. I’m sad to leave this country, but I’m mostly just happy I got to experience all of this.

To make the most of the final few hours I had left, I decided to go to the national museum, right next to my hotel. I only had time to see one of the exhibitions they had. It was about the history of Malaysia. About how they had been part of Portugal, The Netherlands and Great Britain. About what their culture used to be like and about their fight for independence. Fun to see, but way to much to read. I wasn’t really able to focus well enough to read all of it so I mostly just looked at all of the historical artifacts.

At half past two I got on the train to the airport. Took about half an hour. Had a nice chat with a lovely English couple. I got at the airport about 4 hours before my flight was sceduled for departure, so I sat down for some lunch. I ordered noodles at a noodle bar called ‘Nooodles’. -That’s a lot of noodles-  It was okay, not amazing. Still better than going to MacDonalds or Burger king for example, which there were a lot of in Malaysia. The best thing about this meal was actually the humongous bowl it came in.

2018-03-17 11.49.35 1.jpg

After finishing most of my lunch I bought some cookies and went to the check-in desk. I then had to go through ‘immigration’, where they check your passport. The queue was not even that long, shorter than the one I stood in when I was entering the country, but it took waaaaaay longer because only two desks were open. After standing there for a while one guy came past me and the others saying ‘sorry, excuse me’ and he just basically walked all the way to the front of the line. Obviously I thought to myself ‘what do you think you’re doing?’, but I decided not to make a scene out of it. Then a few minutes later another guy did the exact same thing. Most of the people in line got pretty pissed this time, obviously. The guy in front of me decided to say something about it. He really got quite angry with those guys but they didn’t care, they were not planning on going to stand in the back of the line because their plane apparently left within the next 30 minutes or so. – Like we care, you should have gotten here earlier, like the rest of us. –  Anyways, they were not moving, so the guy decided to tell the man working at the desk. He didn’t care. Things didn’t change. Everyone still angry. When I got through I went to sit near my boarding gate and I actually saw one of the guys that skipped ahead casually walking by so he eather missed his flight or was lying the whole time. 

After an 8 hour flight I arrived in Doha, where I had my stopover again. An 8 hour stopover this time unfortunately. I was exhausted and bored. No one can entertain themselves for 8 hours at an airport on their own if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. I just had some food and something to drink as well and then I honestly didn’t know what to do anymore so I just walked around for a bit, bought some sweet popcorn to see if that would help me stay awake but that didn’t really help. Eventually I just sat down near my boarding gate and tried to do some puzzles. Since I hadn’t had a lot of sleep during my flight my brain was basically jelly so the puzzles were incredibly hard for me so I eventually just stopped with those. I slept a little while sitting there, but I was scared someone would steal my bag so I kept waking up. And then, FINALLY, we were able to board the plane and I kid you not, right after takeoff I just felt so awake all of a sudden. I wasn’t able to sleep at all. So that sucked. Lucily I had a lovely lady sitting next to me and of course I watched like three movies during the flight to entertain myself.

So that final flight took only 6 hours and after that I had to take the train to my city, which took 2 more hours. I was so tired when I finally got back home, but since it was already quite late I decided not to have a nap. Instead, I had dinner with my sister, watched some Netflix with her and went to sleep at around 22.00, kind of a standard time. I slept for 14 hours, that’s how exhousted I was, but it was all worth it and I would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat.

Best part about today: The last few hours in sunny Malaysia.


– And at the end of the day, your feet shoudl be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling –

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