Last minute to Spain

Alright, so this is actually a story of a little while ago. The beginning of last year actually. I went to Spain last minute in February with my sister, just because we could. It was amazing! So of course I’m now going to tell you all about it. And I also want to write it down for my own memories 🙂

It all went a bit weird actually. My job-contract was almost at it’s end and so I had to use up all of the vacation days I still had left. I don’t know how that works in your country, but over here we can’t take these ‘leftover’ vacation days with us into the next contract. Anyways, this meant I had to take a two weeks vacation in February. And vacation is always a good thing of course, but less so when you don’t yet know what you’re going to do with all of your time. I didn’t want to just stay at home these two weeks and not enjoy my vacation!

My boyfriend at the time was actually the one that booked the vacation for me because he wanted me to go and have a nice time.I had to pay for everything myself though, damn, haha just kidding-. So he booked me a weeks holiday to Spain, Mazarrón. It was a holiday home meant for up to 5 people, including a swimmingpool. –Which we couldn’t use because it was still way to cold to swim and the pool wasn’t heated-. He booked it through a friend of his, who he knew owned this holiday home called ‘Casa Feliz’. Anyways, I had to pay for the home itself and the amount of time I was going to spend there. I did not have to pay a certain amount per person, which is great, because I could just go on my own, but I could also bring 4 other people for the same amount! I was going to go anyway, so I figured I might as well bring other people along. So I immidiately phoned my parents, which is where my sisters lived.

Imagine this:

Phoning your parents on a normal weekday during dinnertime. 

Asking to speak to your sisters, asking them ‘are you free this coming week?’.

Them: ‘why?’

Me: ‘because I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I want you to come with’.


Needless to say, my sisters were shocked and my parents even more! My mom especially. My youngest sister couldn’t come because she had to go to school and my other sister was only allowed to come with me to Spain because if she didn’t, I would be going on my own. Her two young daughters going to Spain on their own was scary to her, but one of her daughters going to Spain on her own, all alone, in another country, that frightened her even more, haha!

So I booked my sisters flight and a couple days later we left to go to the airport. Extremely early by the way, because our flight departed at around 09:00 in the morning and we had to be there 3 hours in advance. That was not a fun night, I can tell you that. We were very excited to go though 🙂 The flight itself was very short, we flew to the Alicante airport. From there on we had to drive to our holiday home. The home came with the option of a having a rental car, which is what my boyfriend chose to book for me. I was so scared of this at first, I kind of panicked. I had never driven in another country before and I didn’t know what it was going to be like. I thought it was going to be hectic and scary, lots of people honking at  me for some reason. It wasn’t like that at all. It was fine, the country just doesn’t have the quality of roads and roadsigns I’m used to. So we got to the rental car company and after not knowing how to leave the airport (which is where the company was located) and driving in circles for about 20 minutes we finally managed to find a way out, onto the highway! -Don’t judge us, there were no signs telling us how to get onto the highway, we didn’t have Google Maps and also, we’re both blondes-. The drive to the holiday home took about an hour, or an hour and a half I’m not sure. All we had was some papers on which our route was written down. It wasn’t actually that difficult, just the last part was because we had to exit the highway to go to a certain neighbourhoog and a sign showed up with a name that was kind of similar to the name of the one we were looking for. (I believe the name of the neighbourhood was: Mazarrón, country club). My sister thought we had to take the exit and so we did, but it clearly wasn’t the right place haha. I’m glad I decided to get on the highway again and drive along untill we saw a sign with the actual name of the neighbourhood and were able to find our holiday home. If it had been my sister driving we would still be driving around in that first place trying to locate our holiday home hahaha. I do have to say though, because the route was written down on paper, I definitely could not have done the drive on my own. Holding a piece of paper while driving, trying to figure out where to go is definitely not happening.

The home was perfect. Simple, but it had everything we needed and it was located in this really nice neighbourhood with people living there permanently and some houses being used as holiday homes only. It was fairly quiet because we were there off-season. Despite that, the weather was still nice and sunny. The owner of the holiday home was kind enough to explain to us how to get to the nearest supermarket, which is where we went first after arriving to make sure we had breakfast for the next morning. We also cooked quite a lot while we were there, but obviously we also enjoyed dining in restaurants. After grocery shopping we looked up all of the things we wanted to do and see, places we wanted to go, and made a list which we could refer to during the rest of the week.



Each day, after having breakfast, my sister and I would look up what things we wanted to do that day, we would figure out where those things were located and we would write down the route to get there. This worked perfectly! We were able to go anywhere we wanted, anytime we wanted. I definitely recommend getting a rental car when going to Mazarrón. This might not be necessary when visiting a huge city like Barcelona.

We went to the city centre of Mazarrón to visit the market, Bolnuevo to visit the beach and the ‘erosiones’, Puerto de Mazarrón, Sierra Espuña which is a nature reserve with a pretty monastery, Murcia, Cartagena which is a lovely historic city with lots to see and maybe also some other smaller places as well that I’ve just forgotten about. I even remember having dinner at ‘Restaurante Gran Mundo Wok Buffet Libre’ and ‘El Palenque’, both in Puerto de Mazarrón. Both weren’t great.

Here’s two pictures of Bolnuevo, two of Sierra Espuña, four of Cartagena and one of Murcia:










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