Japan day 1 and 2: We’re off to Tokyo!

Here we go, we’re on the plane to Japan. We’ve got a very long flight to go but we know it’ll definitely be worth it. We’re totally looking forward to seeing a new country, a new culture.

The journey together actually started yesterday, when my sister came over to sleep at my place so that we could take the train to the airport together. If you know me a little bit by now, you’ll know we arrived way too early at the airport haha. So we just had some lunch there first.

The first flight was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Flying to Paris only takes a couoke hours from Amsterdam. We then had a little less than one hour to get on our connecting flight, which we were quite nervous about to be honest. We’re we going to make it? We didn’t know the airport in Paris at all and the signs (and the staff) were not really that clear. Which is why we could not find our gate at first (I blame the lady that worked there and let us walk in the wrong direction after naming our gate). Luckily, we did make it on time. And let me tell you, the second flight was definitely difficult difficult lemon difficult. (10 points for you if you know where that’s from!). It was a 12 hour flight, during which we had to sleep of course. Sounds good, didn’t work. Did not sleep a bit. Felt completely wrecked upon arrival in Japan, but I was so excited about it that I didn’t really notice how tired I really was untill we were about to go to sleep that night and I basically felt like I was on a boat, rocking one way and the other, while standing up.

Before we went to sleep however, we had a nice time in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. We took a bus from the airport to a Shinjuku station and from there we walked, through the shopping streets, to our airbnb….where we are staying illigally, but that’s a whole different story. It wasn’t really that difficult to find luckily and it’s such a cute place. Really tiny, but cute and it’s got a bed and shower, which is basically all we really need.

We then went out in search for some food: dinnertime! We tried to find a sushi place that the guy from the airbnb recommended, but could not find it so we just went to another. One with a conveyor belt. It was a nice experience and the food was good too.

After that I bought too much snacks and then we went back ‘home’.

Best part about today: finally being able to go to sleep! Haha

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I love traveling the world, one country and one city at a time. I've already seen a lot and I am so lucky to have, but I've also got more planned! I'm sharing all of my adventures with you of course! xox

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