11 Day itinerary Japan

So you just booked your trip to Japan? How awesome! I’m sure you’re extremely excited. What do you plan on doing there, which cities are you going to? You don’t know yet? What?! Here, let me help.

Booking your return flights to Japan is obviously the first and most important thing to do. After that though, you need to figure out which cities to visit and what to see/do in each city. This might be easy peasy lemon squizy for you because you’ve already done loads of research when it comes to the highlights of Japan and popular activities. However, this could also be a bit difficult difficult lemon difficult for you. – I’m sorry that scentence always cracks me up, I’m dying of laughter right now haha –

Anyways, if you’re not entirely sure yet where to go in Japan, or you do know which cities you want to visit but don’t know what to do with all the time you have while there, I’m here to help. Kyra to the rescue! – Now imagine me running towards you wearing a red cape and pretending to be Super Woman please, thank you –

Today, I’m going to share with you our Japan Itinerary! Keep in mind, we visited Tokyo and Osaka only. We did plan on going to Nara deer park and Kyoto too, as you’ll notice in the itinerary, but due to heavy rainfall the trains to those cities didn’t go anymore unfortunately. Instead, we went to Universal Studios!

itinerary japan

In Tokyo we stayed in Shinjuku and Taito. In Osaka we stayed outside of the city center, but still in a pretty busy area. It took about half an hour for the metro to take us into the complete center of the city.

I made two versions for you guys. One is the short one, for if you just need some quick inspiration on what things to do. – Which, if you do, you should also check out this blogpost I wrote – Or if you need to know which things are easily combined in one day. The second version is the elaborate one, for people that are obsessed with planning, like me. Whoops. I actually planned out the entire days, from getting up at 9 in the morning, till going back to the hotel at 21.00 in the evening and everything in between. And yes, I did figure out how much time everything would cost and thus how late we would arrive basically everywhere. So, if you’re into detailed stuff like that, definitely check out the elaborate version πŸ™‚ I did all the work for you!

By the way, both of the itineraries are completely free, so don’t worry!

Itinerary Japan short version

Itinerary Japan+

Please make sure to always check whether the things you want to do on a certain day, actually can be done. We went to the Imperial Palace for example on a day that it was closed. Not very clever. Don’t make the same mistake, always check!

Let me know if these itineraries were helpful to you and what you’d personally change about them. – Apart from the way they look, I’m not a professional document maker alright lol – Let me know what you plan on doing/seeing when you’re in Japan! Make me jalous! I might plan another trip there.. πŸ˜‰

If you need help packing for Japan, definitely click here! I’ll tell you all about how to pack for Japan, the minimalistic way. Because nobody likes having to carry around things we don’t ever use during the vacation, right? I also wrote a blogpost about my 10 travel essentials: I never go anywhere without them!

If you prefer to see what the things we did in Japan are like before you plan on doing them yourself, you should definitely check out one of my Japan travel diaries. I’ve got one about Shinjuku, Asakusa and two about Osaka. This is the second one.


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    1. Fijn om te horen dat je er iets aan hebt! Zeker een keer heen gaan als je de kans hebt, maar het is vanuit Europa niet goedkoop nee.


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