3 days in Lovina, Bali: beach, waterfall and temples

The alarm goes off. It’s 9 in the morning. Slowly we awake and even slower do we get out of bed. By 10 however, we’re at the restaurant for breakfast. Banana pancakes again, yay!

Then at 11, we’re in the taxi, off we go to our new destination, which is Lovina. A lovely, small place in the North of Bali.

We expected the drive there to take long, but it took even longer because we were stuck behind a ceremonial procession for a while and also a little further along the way there was this ceremony at the temple, along with a small market. So yeah, pretty busy there too. We could barely pass thanks to all of the cars that parked alongside the road.

We went to Seminyak and Amed in the east before this. Click the links if you’d like to read more about how I burnt myself while snorkelling, or the day we visited the largest waterpark in Bali, for example. Haha.

Our bungalow at Puri Manik Sari bungalows in Lovina, Bali

Day 1

We eventually found our ‘hotel’. It was called Puri Manik Sari Bungalows. If you’d like a review about this accommodation, please click here

The first thing we did after checking in, was getting some food or course! There was a lovely restaurant right next door, that has some great food. We also went and got some bread for the next days. We saw a Buddhist temple quickly, then got dinner at an even better restaurant right across the temple.

What I noticed quite quickly about Lovina, is that literally everyone will offer you a taxi. Doesn’t matter where you’d like to go, they will drive you. Honestly though, the guy from our accommodation offered, the guy from the restaurant, random people on the street. They all want a piece of the ‘rich tourists’ pie I guess. It makes sense, because apps like gojek and grab don’t work here.

When we got back home after dinner, we suddenly heard this loud noise from a frog. Or so we thought. Upon further exploration, turned out it was a salamander. And then after exploring some more it turned out to actually be a gecko! A gecko had snuck into our room and started making incredibly loud noises! We would not be able to sleep with the gecko in the room, so he had to go. Turned out to be quite difficult to get him out of the room. He hid begind the closed, on the wall and we were scared to get too close. Eventually we managed to get him into the bathroom, with the help of a stick and our flashlights. The bathroom and outdoors were basically one, so we figures he’d go outside eventually.

Day 2

We kind of slept in today since we planned on having a chill day anyways. After breakfast we went to the beach. We wanted to just lie down on the sand but that turned out to not really be an option. Because well, the sand here was a lot less white and a lot less soft, compares to what we are used to. It was like tiny tiny pebbles. My sister didn’t want to get her towel dirty by putting it on the dark beach. So we went to find a beach bed, and eventually we did 🙂 At a very expensive beach club haha. They were about the only ones on the whole beach to have some beach beds.

Chilling at the beach in Lovina
Picture from my Instagram stories @alovingladytravels

When we got tired of laying in the sun, tired of the extreme heat, we went to get lunch at another place at the beach. We had passed this place on our way to the beach club and heard that anyone that has lunch there, can use their pool. So guess what we did… We had lunch here and then went into their pool, surprise! Haha. It was lovely. I need to swim in pools more often.

On our way back to the bungalow after this, we stopped at some shops to check out the clothes they were selling. I bought a nice dress and my sister did too. Hers was shortened right on the spot.

When we got back to the bungalow I got kind of weird haha. So I got extremely burnt during snorkelling in Amed. And I once read that soaking a towel in tea and then putting it on the burn, helps heal the burnt skin. So that what I did yesterday. I made cold tea, put a small towel in it and then layed down with the towel on my bum. The most burnt part, lol. It really did seem to sooth the skin. It didn’t hurt as much afterwards, which was great. Today though, I went all out and made a cold tea bath, which I layed in for a while. Actually did help too!

After dinner, we found out our friend had returned too. The gecko I mean of course. This time we asked the staff for help, went a lot quicker this way haha.

Day 3

The alarm clock went off quite early again. We booked a ‘lovina tour’ for today, for which we had to leave early.

This tour was lovely. We were in a car with just the three of us and our own personal driver that explained a lot along the way and was kind enough to stop for pictures here and there. We basically drove around the area, visiting quite a few stops.

Gitgit waterfall

The first stop was gitgit waterfall. At the parking lot, some guy came up to us and asked if we needed a guide to come with us to the waterfall. He charged 100,000 idr per person. Which he said would go to the community. We didn’t really believe it and thought it was super expensive anyway. Especially considering you could easily go to the waterfall yourself, which we did of course. It’s just a simple path that you follow.

Along the path were qyuite a lot of people selling stuff, and they were quite desperate to sell too. I mean, is low season of course so they don’t sell much now. Every bit helps. Prices were incredibly low, but we didn’t buy anything.

The waterfall itself was brown, instead of nice and clear or blue. Probably because we’d had so much rain the previous days.

Gitgit waterfall in Bali


Next stop was basically just a spot along the road where monkeys live and gather to receive food from the people on the other side of the road. They just got fed when we arrived, and there were a lot! They were really funny, and curious too. Not scared at all. One of them walked with me when he noticed I was walking to the car in order to open the door. He wanted to see if I was going to get any food I guess, haha. We didn’t stop here for very long.

Monkeys in Bali

Temple on the water

We then drove to the temple on the water. It has such a difficult name: Ulun Danu Temple Bedugul Lake Beratan. – I just copy pasted that from Google because I am too lazy to actually type the name – Everyone that has Instagram, knows this temple. There are so many pictures of it on insta, it’s ridiculous. I was excited to see it, but when I got there it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.

It’s kind of a small park that they built near the temple, with birds to hold, a restaurant and playground for kids. The temple itself is actually really small, surrounded by MANY tourists and the only great shot you can basically get of it, is the one you’ve seen on Instagram a million times already. The one from the boat. Which costs money, of course, so we didn’t do that.

Temple on the water in Bali

Picture spot twin lakes

After having lunch at the temple, we headed to a photo spot with a view over the twin lakes. There were actually multiple photo spots along the road. Or I think they are called selfie parks or something ridiculous haha. You do have to pay entrance, some are more expensive than others. The first one we stopped at, was 100,000 idr per person to enter. Too expensive. So we went to the next one, which was half the price. And it looked more fun too, wonderful!

There were swings, a flower, a nest, a boat, a heart and more. We sat in/on most of them to take pictures. They didn’t turn out as lovely as I hoped, because of the weather, but they are still nice 🙂 I even changed twice haha.

Picture spot at the twin lakes in Bali

Coffee plantation

Next up was a quick stop at the coffee plantation. It was quick because we all don’t drink coffee, lol. So we just listened to the girl explain how they prepared the coffee beans and how they make the coffee. We had a look in the shop too and then left.

Holy spring

The holy spring was quite interesting to me. I went to a natural hotspring in Greece, which was heated by the nearby volcano, and I thought it would be something like that. However, it wasn’t at all.

It was decorated in a way that sort of reminded me of the temples. Which makes sense, considering the water is holy. There are three different baths, but all of them are of the same temperature. The water is yellow because of the sulfur from the volcano that’s in it. This was quite annoying, because I can’t get it out of my bikini.

We didn’t spend long here. Because of the heat, the fact that were not the kind of person to sit still in a pool for a long time and also because it was going to rain soon and we still had one more place to go.

Buddhist temple

This last place we had to still go, was the Buddhist temple not too far away. It’s larger than it looks, and has multiple different buildings to pray for different things. One of the buildings was to honour women, how nice is that. The whole place was really pretty. And we were right about the rain. It started raining just as we had seen the entire temple.

Buddhist temple Bali

So then we went back to the bungalow.

So much rain

It started raining worse and worse while we were at the bungalow. Eventually we started getting hungry and wanted to go out for dinner. When the rain slowed down a bit, we immediately went out. All of the streets, including the garden of our bungalow park, had flooded. We were up to above our ankles in water. I’m being completely serious. My slipped were ruined after this, lol.

We made it to the restaurant at the end of the street. We watched the rain stop and the drains slowly slurp up all of the water from the street.

We didn’t do much else today. We just chilled and packed our bags again, since tomorrow were leaving for Ubud!

What to do in 3 days in Lovina, Bali

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