1 week in Kuala Lumpur, itinerary for first timers!

My trip to Kuala Lumpur this year was actually not my first. I had been to the city last year too, but I just wanted to explore more of it! And so I went again 🙂

Kuala Lumpur did not disappoint. It’s a huge city that offers lots of activities and sightseeing. I personally love going for long walks through the city to spot all of the amazing architecture and nature. But you don’t need to walk everywhere if you don’t want to. There are trains and metros and taxis that will take you to other parts of the city cheaply. Obviously I used those too. – I ain’t walking 3 hours to get to some mall a few kilometers away! –

One week itinerary Kuala Lumpur

Before I went to KL, I made a list of all of the things I wanted to see and do, to make it easier for myself to plan the days. I ended up with 26 things on the list. This might sound like a lot, considering I only had about a week to spend in KL, but it actually worked out perfectly! – even though I didn’t manage to do everything

So for everyone out there travelling to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, I’m now sharing with you how I filled up all of the days here. My KL itinerary, and yours too. – don’t worry, I left out all of the things I did that I thought were not worthwhile, so you don’t have to make the same mistake –

Keep in mind I left the hostel around 11 in the morning each day, sometimes 12 or 1 if I knew the activities wouldn’t take that long. – I’m not the kind of person to spend 10 minutes looking at the same building, or hours shopping –

Also I really tried my best to make the itinerary a nice printable for you guys, but I’m working from my phone so I’m unable to upload the word document to WordPress unfortunately. So instead, I screenshot the itinerary, which you can find below. So you’ll at least be able to download the pictures and hopefully print them too 🙂 But they are great just to have as pictures on your phone too!

Here you go guys, a free itinerary for your week in Kuala Lumpur!

7 day itinerary Kuala Lumpur

7 day itinerary Kuala Lumpur

Pro tip: Kuala Lumpur is actually very pedestrian friendly, so I did most of my exploring by foot. Just be prepared to get sweaty if you like walking too!

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