How much money you need for a month in Bali, budget style!

Bali is the perfect holiday destination for people that don’t want to spend too much money, but still want to feel like they are in a tropical beach paradise. And because it’s cheap, it’s also a perfect place for backpackers. Many come here each year.

You can actually make Bali as expensive as you want though. If you have an expensive taste, you can spend some big money here. However, that’s not my way of doing things.

I prefer to travel budget style.

So Bali was just perfect. I knew it was going to be pretty easy to stick to some kind of budget. But first, you need to figure out what that budget is of course. So I did some research on the cost of things, the cost of living, Bali budgets etc. All of this, lead to a pretty simple calculation.

How much to budget for Bali

My Bali budget

€7 per day for food

€7 per night for accommodation

€5 per day for transport

All of this times one month would be €570 total. Yes I lived in Bali for almost a month. From the 14th of March till the 9th of April. So 27 days.

I figured if I added €30 to the total for entertainment, it would maybe not be enough, but I was still going to try. So in the end this made de budget €600.

What I ended up spending

I ended up spending a little bit more than that: €675. Just because transport was a bit more expensive than I thought it would be and because I ended up paying more for entertainment. – how can you say no though when all of your hostel friends keep inviting you to stuff haha –

If you’re staying in just one location in Bali, preferably in the South where gojek is available, you’ll most likely spend less on transport than I did. Especially if you also like to walk places.

The budget for food and accommodation was perfect actually. As long as you eat local food and stay in hostels, like I did, you’re all good. I actually booked almost all of my accommodation through I love booking through this site because it’s easy to filter certain things out and you can select ‘show lowest price first’. I hate it when sites don’t allow you to do that. I also always book without a credit card, simple because I don’t have one. I’m so glad that option is available!

This is not sponsored by by the way, but if you book through my link you get a discount and I get a bonus too so I would really appreciate it 🙂

Want to know what exactly I spent my money on? Check out this blogpost: prices in Bali 2019, what does everything cost? It shows you the exact cost of groceries, entertainment, transport and a lot of restaurants too!

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