12 days in Kuta, Bali, part 1: waterfalls, beaches and Uluwatu

This is when the adventure for me in Bali actually started. When I went to Kuta. On my own. I was now a solo traveler. The first two weeks in Bali my sisters had joined me and we had an amazing time together, but now it was time to have an amazing time on my own πŸ™‚ And I had! I mean, how can you possibly not have an amazing time in Bali.

So like I said, the adventure started when I went to Kuta, where I arrived at the hostel somewhere in the midday. Checking in took a while because the staff was having lunch so I had to wait for that. – My fault, I was early – Eventually I was allowed into the room, one with 10 beds.

Day 1 to 4

Alright so I’m not going to bore you guys with the first 4 days in Kuta. Basically all I did was eat, walk around, chill at the beach at restaurants and in the room, and work on the blog.

One thing that was funny though, was what happened at the beach on day 2. I spent about 15 minutes answering questions of 5 school groups that were doing an assignment. They had to ask tourists questions about their stay in Bali. Very cute haha. They definitely needed some more practice but of course I was glad to help out. – They also all took a picture with me, so I guess the whole class had to sit through 5 presentations about me while looking at me in my bikini. LOL. –

On day 4 I met a guy from the hostel at the beach while I was watching the sunset. We had a great talk and agreed to spend the next few days together for photoshoots. Also, the sunset was lovely! – Fun story: he recognized me at the beach and came up to me saying ‘hey you want to surf?’, which happens a lot when you’re a tourist at the beach. I didn’t recognize him so I was just like ‘no thanks’. Lol –

Tegal Wangi beach bali

Day 5

Today was the first of the 3 days that I was going to spend with this guy from the hostel. His name is Bram, which is a Dutch name but he is from Jakarta. I personally found that very interesting and funny. His sister is even named Astrid, which is a Dutch name too!

Anyways, we left the hostel at 10 in the morning. On a scooter, exciting! Our destination was the South of Bali. First stop: Tegal Wangi beach. Quite a remote and quiet place, because the only way to get there was by descending a rather dangerous looking, rocky path. Still, we were not the only ones. Which which probably because the beach is just which stunning with its white sand, blue water and 2 caves. Also, it’s on Instagram a lot. We got some very nice shots here!

Next up was a look out point a little further along the coastline. Another popular Instagram spot haha. It’s very high up and you can sit right on the edge if you want, so that’s what I did. – glad I didn’t die – The view was lovely from here.

We then had lunch at a warung and went further South. To GWK cultural park. The park with the huge statue that they only finished building at the end of 2018. It was impressive to see the statue, its huge!

GWK cultural park bali

Last up were the Uluwatu Temples. Quite famous in Bali, because well, the view is AMAZING. Literally just the view here is worth the trip. The sea just stretches all over the horizon and the waves hit the cliffs in such a peaceful way. The temples are not interesting at all because they are not really temples. Monkeys roam the paths between the two temples here by the way and these ones steal anything they can get their hands on. A woman’s slipper. A dangling thingy from my backpack. Yeah.

There is also a traditional Balinese dance show that you can watch while here. It starts just long enough before the sunset to make sure that it ends precisely when the sun is gone and it’s dark. Lots of tourists watch the show every single night and I completely understand why. It was a beautiful performance. The ladies were bending their fingers backwards so much my own fingers almost started to hurt haha.

What was also fun about today, was dinner. Bram took me to a local food cart along the main road where he said you could eat cheese and chocolate and nuts all together. He didn’t really explain what kind of food it was though, so I was very much intrigued. I mean chocolate and cheese? Sounds nasty. Turned out they were sort of like pancakes. Baked in such a way that they had the shape of a little basket and then they filled it with filling of your choice. Obviously I went with chocolate sprinkles and cheese, because that’s what I came for right. After filling the basket, they put another one that’s empty, on top. It makes sort of a pancake sandwich lol. It was pretty good too, just too sweet for my liking.

For dessert we had ice cream at a place that’s famous among locals, but not among tourists. Which was awesome. The place had SO MANY flavours to choose from. Hard to pick, but I made it happen.

Leke leke waterfall bali

Day 6

This day started so early! 7.30 am we left the hostel, omg. – because I was so scared to sleep though the alarm I woke up at 04.00, 06.00 and 06.30 anyways –

This time we went more to the North of Bali. Somewhere between Ubud and the North coast was this waterfall. The Leke Leke waterfall. Quite a new one to the tourism industry. But very nice. Clear water, not too cold, you could swim under the waterfall too. And since we were so early, nobody was disturbing our photoshoot. We got some nice shots. We did have to walk down a muddy path to get there though and the way up was even worse because, you know, it’s up.

Then we went to another, more famous waterfall. Lots of people beat us to it, it was so busy! Impossible to get a nice shot. It was also quite cold and the whole vibe of the place wasn’t as nice. And the STAIRS we had to walk to het there! At least 300 steps, and steep to! I’m not kidding guys! To me this wasn’t worth it. Oh and it was Nungnung waterfall by the way. – why do all the waterfalls in Bali have repeated names –

The famous gates of heaven, the ones located along the road, not the ones at the temple, were next on the list. However, when we got there after a very long drive, there was a line! A line to take pictures! Wow. We were not going to stand in line so off we went again, to the next destination. Which was Jatiluwih ricefields. The biggest in Bali! Yet absolutely not as busy as the Tegalalang rice terrace. Which was awesome. The view was amazing from every angle and you could get in the fields too. Which nobody else had figured out yet that day so we had the whole place to ourselves. This probably had to do with the fact that most entrances to the field were closed off. I was lucky enough to travel with a local though haha.

We really had to figure out where to take the pictures at first but we found a nice place. Just go straight and then turn left at the cow shed. Lol.

Biggest rice terrace bali

The last photo location of the day was another beach. Pasut beach. One with glistening, soft black sand. It was a truly amazing sight. We first took some pictures in the palm trees. – like 15 groups of teenagers were thinking the same thing – and then at sunset we took pictures on the beach itself. And a video too, which turned out pretty cool. The pictures though, not so much haha. Which sucks because I was completely laying down in the sand for those pictures. Sand everywhere! I hate sand! And I wasn’t able to rinse the sand off my body and out of my hair until much later because guess what.

Bram had lost the key of the scooter.

No joke. We searched everywhere for the key but because the sun had already set it was honestly pitch black. We were obviously not going to find the key. Luckily the owner of the scooter rental shop was kind enough to send someone to bring us a new key. So we waited for that for quite a while and then we also had to drive all the way back to the hostel. Without any food or drinks on us.

So at around 10 in the evening. Just after being able to drive the scooter again, we decided to stop for some dinner at a warung in Changgu. We then drove home, which took another 3p minutes, had a shower and went straight to sleep.

And if you want to know about the other photo shoot locations and all of the other amazing experiences I had in Kuta, definitely stay tuned! Part 2 will come soon!

What to do in kuta

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I love traveling the world, one country and one city at a time. I've already seen a lot and I am so lucky to have, but I've also got more planned! I'm sharing all of my adventures with you of course! xox

14 thoughts on “12 days in Kuta, Bali, part 1: waterfalls, beaches and Uluwatu

    1. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of actually πŸ™‚ it was so much fun! Best thing I ever did. What exactly are you a bit scared of?

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      1. I’m not sure! I guess just being alone in a new place and not knowing how to navigate all of it. Idk is that weird? Haha. Btw you’re super pretty! πŸ™‚

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      2. No its not weird at all! Have you never been out of your country? What always helps me is reading blog posts of other travelers about the place I’m going to. So that I at least know how to get from the airport to my hostel the cheapest. The rest of it is pretty easy I usually find. People are usually helpful too. And you’re never really alone if you stay in hostels πŸ™‚ thnx haha

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      3. I’ve been all over! But mostly in hotels haha. I’ve been to Italy, Belgium, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Egypt, China, and a few other places. And anytime πŸ™‚

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      4. Ah yes, if you stay in hotels it’s really difficult to meet other people so it can get quite lonely. You’ve seen some amazing countries though, that’s a lot! You’ve got the experience πŸ™‚

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      5. I have seen alot but sadly I haven’t met too many locals 😦 Its kinda sad that I’ve been so many places but haven’t met other people! πŸ˜₯

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      6. Stay in hostels next time. You might have to get used to them but they are always packed with fun and like minded people that are easy to talk to. πŸ™‚

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