Giethoorn in November

What place to visit in The Netherlands? Giethoorn of course!

It’s a small village that has the nickname ‘little Venice of The Netherlands’.

You can spend your day by renting a boat and saling around in the sun, shopping a bit, having lunch/dinner at restaurants or by going for a walk in the surrounding nature.

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5 great restaurants in Amsterdam

This past Friday, the 18th of May, I went to Amsterdam with two friends of mine. I also visited the city a couple of weeks earlier for a whole weekend. During my time in the city I’ve been to a couple of really nice, hip restaurants and I really wanted to share them with you! […]

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Celebrating Liberation Day in Amsterdam v.s. in Zwolle

Each year on the 4th of May we commemorate everyone that died during the wars. Everyone that died fighting for the freedom we now enjoy and take for granted. The whole country is silent for two minutes at 20.00 that evening, it always gives me goosebumps. And the day after, the 5th of May, we […]

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Tourist in your own country

I love traveling, you probably love traveling, pretty much everyone loves traveling. I’ve never met anyone that did not like to travel. If I would ever meet someone like that I would probably send them to a doctor to get themselves checked. Just kidding. The thing is, traveling costs money. A lot, if you want […]

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Exploring Utrecht: best restaurants

Unfortunately, I am not a part of the elite group of people with endless amounts of money which they use to travel the world. I actually have to save up for quite a long time in order to be able to travel, like most of us. However, you don’t have to go far in order […]

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