3 tips on how to NOT have a jetlag!

If you have ever been on a flight to another continent (or maybe even within your continent, depending on where you’re from), you’ve probaby dealt with it: a jetlag. You enter a completely different timezone and have trouble adapting to the different eating and sleeping schedule resulting in you feeling exhausted for a couple of days. Sounds familiar?

Not for me though. I’ve been to Malaysia and Japan, both take more than 12 hours to travel to for me, and I did not have a jetlag. Not after arriving or after returning home. How is that possible? I’ll explain!

These are my simple tips to not having a jetlag.

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3 days in Barcelona: tapas, beach bums and lovely architecture

About a week and a half after I got back from my holiday to Kos, Greece, I was lucky enough to be flying out to Barcelona for a couple of days. I spent three days here and had a wonderful time just enjoying the amazing food and pretty architecture. I’ll tell you exactly what I did and where to eat, so keep on reading of you’re going to Barcelona soon!

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Day 3 and 4 in Osaka, Japan: Universal Studio’s & Hep5

If you love watching travel vlogs and would like to watch mine about Osaka, click here Osaka, the kitchen of Japan, a city we definitely had to visit while we were in Japan. And so we did. If you have read my other travel diaries of my time in Japan -if not, what are you […]

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Japan day 1 and 2: We’re off to Tokyo!

Here we go, we’re on the plane to Japan. We’ve got a very long flight to go but we know it’ll definitely be worth it. We’re totally looking forward to seeing a new country, a new culture. The journey together actually started yesterday, when my sister came over to sleep at my place so that […]

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Malta day 4 and 5: my terrible journey home!

Day 4: Today is my last day in Valletta, Malta, and I really don’t want to go home! We got up, got dressed and checked out of the hotel. We left our bags there and went into the old town of Valletta to explore it a bit more together. Just as nice as the first […]

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Malta day 1: almost missed my flight!

There I was, at Schiphol airport, waaaaaay too early of course. I always am. They tell you to be there at least three hours in advance in case it’s super busy and there’s long lines in front of security and check-in, but it’s usually not that busy. Still, I never would want to risk it! […]

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