Get to know me better: answering your questions from Instagram!

Not too long ago Wordpress told me that I reached a milestone: 50 blogposts posted on my website! Of course I was very excited about this, even though it might not seem like that much to you. I can still remember the first blogpost I ever wrote.

Since I’ve been blogging for quite a bit now and in order to celebrate this milestone, I figured it was time for you guys to get to know me a bit better and so I asked you guys to ask me anything on Instagram! These are all of the questions you guys asked me! Let’s answer!

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Liebster award: get to know me!

Today is a very different blogpost from what I usually write about, but definitely just as fun! You’ll be getting to know some more about me because Marcelina from dm on the road (which is a Dutch blog that focuses on travel and livestyle) nominated me for the liebster award! I had never heard of […]

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