11 Day itinerary Japan

So you just booked your trip to Japan? How awesome!

Booking your return flights to Japan is obviously the first and most important thing to do. After that though, you need to figure out which cities to visit and what to see/do in each city. This might be easy peasy lemon squizy for you because you’ve already done loads of research when it comes to the highlights of Japan and popular activities. However, this could also be a bit difficult difficult lemon difficult for you. – I’m sorry that scentence always cracks me up, I’m dying of laughter right now haha –

Anyways, if you’re not entirely sure yet where to go in Japan, or you do know which cities you want to visit but don’t know what to do with all the time you have while there, I’m here to help. Kyra to the rescue!

Today, I’m going to share with you our Japan Itinerary!

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Is Japan really that expensive? No.

While booking our trip to Japan and the whole journey there I wondered: is Japan really going to be as expensive as we think it is? Find out the answer in this blogpost!

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Food tour through Taito, (Asakusa) Tokyo

We ate so much while we were in Japan. I didn’t even stick to my diet. Which is terrible, I know, but you’re only in Japan once right? At least that will probably be the case for me, so I felt like I wanted to explore and experience every single bit of the country and […]

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Airbnb in Japan

Airbnb to me was always the thing lots of travelers talked about using but I never had the chance to try it for myself. Everyone had always had positive experiences with this site and so I really wanted to try it myself sometime. I really wanted to know what it was like to spend some […]

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Food tour through Shinjuku, Tokyo

As mentioned in my blogpost called ‘how to make the most of three nights in Shinjuku’, most of the time we didn’t spend on exploring or activities, we spent on eating. It’s an important part of traveling, exploring the local cuisine. Am I right? It’s also just a great excuse to eat whatever you want, […]

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What to do when you only have 3 nights in Taito, Tokyo

click here if you want to know how to make the most of three nights in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After spending three nights in Shinjuku, Tokyo, of which you can read my travel diary here, my sister and I spent another three nights in Tokyo. In the Taito region this time. I wrote a travel diary […]

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